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COST Action CM1102 Management

MC Chair Dr Bruce TURNBULL (UK)
MC Vice Chair Prof Jean-Louis REYMOND (CH)
Working group 1 Prof Alessandro Casnati (IT)
Working group 2 Prof Roland Pieters (NL)
Working group 3 Prof Vladimir Kren (CZ)
Working group 4 Dr Anne Imberty (FR)
STMS Dr Cristina Nativi (I)
Web page Dr Martina LAHMANN (UK)

COST Action CM1102 Management Committee (complete list)

Following the guidelines of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology the Management Committee is formed by 'national experts of the signatory countries'. The complete list of the management committee for this action CM1102 can be found by following this link:

COST Action CM1102 Management Committee

COST Action CM1102 Participants (complete list)

Following the link below a pdf document can be opened or downloaded showing all COST Action CM1102 participants. Links to homepages are included as well as allocation to the different working groups.

COST Action CM1102 Participants

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