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Multivalent Glycosystems for Nanoscience CM1102



  • Who participated?
    A final list of all participants has been uploaded (21.12.2015).
  • Reports available
    Final reports (now including Antalya - final meeting) from scientific meetings and the training schools can be downloaded from the events page.
  • Publication list updated
    More than 130 publications (and more to come) have been produced in association with the COST CM 1102 network so far.

Carbohydrates constitute the most abundant class of biomolecules on Earth. They have diverse biological roles ranging from energy storage to mediating interactions between living cells. Carbohydrates that are attached to proteins, lipids and synthetic multivalent scaffolds (i.e. glycoconjugates) can be used as anti-adhesive drugs against bacteria or viruses, or bioimaging agents that can target specific tissues. However, they can also have applications in materials science as nanoscale building blocks for hydrogels and templates for making nano-structured hard materials.

We aim to build a dynamic network across Europe focused on developing glycoconjugates for nanoscience applications. We will develop new methods for producing nanomaterials for applications in drug delivery, in gene targeting and as diagnostic/prognostic tools. The Action will foster new collaborations to transform glycoconjugate research in Europe by establishing a new frontier at the interface with nanoscience.

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